EUCOM Checkpoint Charlie Standoff 1961

Possible turning point in 1961 that could have lead to World War III. This location is Checkpoint Charlie between East and West Berlin.

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This wiki deals with alternate timelines from across all possible dimensions. These timelines are the possible outcomes of what could happen with any major point in history across the planet. Unlike the Alternate History Wiki, this wiki can deal with any possible point in an alternate timeline. This includes the past, present and future. All times are possible. Some of this material could be used to create a new pen and paper style Role Playing Game and this is just a notification of this.

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If the outcome of any historical point can happen, it did in another parallel timeline. If you have an idea for a timeline then go ahead and create it here. An example of this is the American Revolution that we, the Americans, won. In another timeline, the exact opposite outcome happened and the British won in that timeline. This leads to two possible outcomes here as with one version, the French did not help the American, and the other is that the British won even with the help of the French. As I said earlier, if it could happen, it did happen in a parallel timeline.

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Current Alternate TimelinesEdit

Berlin Crisis

  • In this timeline a backfire and a small chunk of brick masonry from a building results in a firefight between the Soviets and the Americans. This eventually lead, through the scaling up in armaments, to all out war between NATO, the Warsaw Pact Nations and the Soviet Union.

Cuban Missile Apocalypse

  • This timeline skews away from ours at a point during what is known as the "Cuban Missile Crisis". In this timeline, at one of the points where it could have lead to World War III because of a mistake, it did result in World War III.

Future Timeline ProjectsEdit

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